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The Tuvan music is an integral part of the Turkish culture. The archaic features of the ancient culture of nomads of Central Asia have remained in the musical culture of Tuva people. The basis of the Tuvan traditional music is made by such phenomena as the throat singing, playing the open Recorders and Jew’s harps, bow or plucked string Chordophones with the hair strings.

The Tuvan music received true calling at the end of the XX century thanks to the increased interest in the ethnic music.It is enough to remember such famous Tuvan musicians from the first wave as the folk bands ‘Huun-Huur-Tu’ and ‘Chirgilchin’, the ethno-band ‘Yat-Kha’.

The second wave began with the folk band ‘Alash’ and the ethno-band ‘Hartyga’.

And without any doubts now we can see the third wave of the young super active musicians from Tuva.

The band «KHOOMEI BEAT» is an outstanding representative of a new generation of the Tuvan musicians. Having the roots from The Tuvan folk, the musicians delicately mixed the expression of the rock with the easy carelessness of the pop-music. The sounds of a violoncello like the spicy seasoning add the piquant heightened sensibility to the general sound of this group. «KHOOMEI BEAT» is the band of the young musicians who are going to make the contribution to the promotion and, which is the most important, to the development of the Tuvan throat singing in accordance with the world trends. This year the band «KHOOMEI BEAT» was a true discovery at the international festival “Khoomey in the centre of Asia” (Tyva). The musicians won the “Khoomey in the modern interpretation” award, where they received the enthusiastic responses from the famous all round the world musician such as the Grammy holder — Jeff Coffin, Felix Pastorius, Igor Koshkendey (Chirgilchin), Koichi Makigami (Japan ) and many others.

«KHOOMEI BEAT» consists of the young musicians who have long been famous not only in our country: Aikhan Oorzhak, Kan-Huler Saaya, Bailak Mongush, Shoran Ochur, Ayzhy Adygan and Sedii Aydin.

The style of the band can be determined as the ethno-pop-rock with the elements of the fusion. 

In November 2017, the Hoemei Beat group, together with Derek Brown (BEATBoX SAX) https://www.youtube.com/user/beatboxsax , organized a tour around Russia. The audience was delighted.